Progressive slot

Published on Feb 14, 2019

Most of the time the jackpot is a fixed amount on most of the available slot machines but when compared to a progressive game, as the players are putting coins in the machines and the wheels are spin, at the same time the jackpot also rises. Three types of progressive slot machine games exist and they are as follow;

Standalone progressives

Compared to all the other progressive slots, standalone progressive slot machine has a ticker on the game, however only the bets that have been placed on the specific machine contributes to the jackpot and still many such standalone progressive machines have been manufactured and can easily be found all around the world in casinos and on such games, the jackpot will be under $10,000.

Local progressives

In the evolution of this kind of games, local progressive were the considered to be the next big future and they can still be found everywhere. Jackpots are featured within specific casinos where all the games are linked together and this might involve few machines or a hundred of them, depending on the casino. Jackpots available on these machines are usually under $1,000,000 or sometimes under $100,000.

Wide area network progressives

These machines are considered to be the most popular one on the market of today and they are usually linked from several casinos found in the same state. Huge amount of money varying over $1 million can be collected during the jackpot games.


The rules of indulging in these types of games can be considered as very simple and there are few rules that need to be followed. The type of slot machine that one prefers or would like to play , the bet cost of one coin , the number of coins that can be played per round, the number of reels available and the number of pay lines.

Betting terms

When slots are being played, it is better to choose the maximum bet since it is the only way to win big and in order to place the bet, one has to make an online payment or just slide the money into the machine and then the number of credits available will be shown on the screen and from there the game can begin.

Types of progressive slots

There are many categories of the progressive slots which include mysterious progressive slots and it is divided into two; minor progress



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Can giving some tips to get big win


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