Online Sic Bo And Craps (Dice Game)

Published on Jul 27, 2020

Sic Bo is a game that played with 3 dice. Place your bets by depicting outcomes you want to bet on. The dealer will shake three dice closed in a tiny chest. You will win for every number or sum you have predicted and lose if your prediction were wrong.

Sic Bo has several betting options as below:

  •        Small and Big

Small bet is when you bet on any dice sum between or including 4 to 10; while big bet is when the sum is between or including 11 to 17. When you bet Small or Big, any triple sum such as 1-1-1 or 6-6-6- will make you lose.

  •        Sums bets

Sums bets is when you bet on a total sum of the three dice. You can always choose one specific sum and bet on it.

  •        Single dice bet

If you make single dice bet, you have to predict that a specific number will appear on one, two or all three dice. You can choose any single number to bet. If it appears on one dice, the payout is 1 to 1. If it appears on two dice - 2 to 1, on three - 3 to 1.

  •        Double and triple bets

You can make a double bet when you feel that two of the dice will come up having the same number. There is also triple bet which you can bet that all three dice will have the same numbers.

  •        Two dice combination bets

This bet predicts the outcomes of two dice at once rather than all three or their sum.



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