Live Hi-Lo

Published on Feb 14, 2019

Hi-lo is one of the most interesting casino games in the market. The rules and ways to play this game are simple and easy to follow. Therefore, beginners have the same chances as experienced players to win the game.

The objective of this game is to make the correct assumption of the next card the dealer will draw in comparison to the card on the table. The fact that live dealer hi-lo is played against the real dealers’ makes the game easier for new players since everything occurs in real time. The game can be played anytime and gives the players an amazing opportunity to understand the game and to win great cash rewards.

Live dealer hi-lo is the easiest card game you will ever come across. This game begins with the live dealer showing the three base cards and you will be given the chance to switch the cards. Players then need to place a wager on the circle located on the table layout. Then, the players will be given a few seconds to decide the optimal bets on the value of the next card. Once you are done, hit the “deal” button.

There are two main clickers, the “hi” and the “lo” button. You must click the “hi” button if you think the next card that will be handled is higher compared to the base card. The low button should be clicked if you think the next card that will be handled is lower compared to the card already handled.

That is the whole gameplay of live dealer hi-lo. If your assumption is correct, you are granted with a pay-out. If your assumptions are wrong then you will lose the wager and you have to start again. If the next card handled is similar to the previous card, you lose. It’s extremely important to note that 100% correct and perfect predictions will give you a pay-out.

There is a number of positions to expect. The players will decide how high the risks can get and at the same time they also have the option to press the “skip” clicker and wait for the next turn. When the “no more bets” clicker lights up, you just wait for the game’s outcome and collect all the profits from the game.



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