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Published on Feb 14, 2019

There are many aspects that should be analysed when learning how to bet on formula 1. The ability of the drivers and performance of their car is the most important aspect to look order to gain an edge in formula 1 betting, bettors should look at the individual and team performance too.

Grid position

Driver position has differing importance depending on the track in question. For circuits where it’s difficult to overtake bettors should consider a drivers ability to qualify high on the grid were starting on the pole can be a huge comparison circuits that are easier to overtake at can give bettors more opportunity of finding value when not betting on pole sitters.

Understanding the importance of track position is vital for formula 1 betting and selecting a race winner before considering historical data should be avoided.


To understand the characteristics of the tyres and how they perform is also very important for the betting on formula 1.

Areas to consider:

  • How to track characteristics affect tyres
  • A team’s race weekend tyre strategy
  • Drivers racing style


Formula 1 bettor should always check the weather forecast before and adjust their betting accordingly. When the conditions are good and the track is hot the weather has a little impact. However, if the temperature of the track drops and it starts to rain it can cause the problem to the result.

Research to consider:

  • Driver performance in poor weather
  • Historical weather data
  • Current weather forecast

Track characteristics

Understanding circuit characteristics and matching them with the driver and car capabilities is an important factor that anyone who wants to know how to bet on Formula 1 must be aware of.

Each circuit is distinctive and should be treated differently as each gives a new challenge.

The track is made up of four long straights, all of which end in a high braking zone giving a clear overtaking opportunity.

There is also a number of challenging medium speed corners that needs a good car balance. Therefore, the track suits a set up that sees a compromise between straight-line speed and a cornering grip.

Once formula one better has to understand the track diagnostics and understood who the best set is up to perform you can make a choice and select who to bet on. 



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